Interim Salemanagement

In just a few months, our interim sales manager strengthens your commercial strategy as well as coaching the team on the path to lasting success.
Our work method: a three-step approach to lasting Commercial success
Step 1: analysis and action plan
Step 2: realization and guidance
Step 3: coaching and assignment

Your local sales team

Your company wants to make a move to the Dutch Market, but you don’t have any local people working for you, or any contacts in the Dutch Market or any knowledge of the Dutch Channel. The Deal Closers have the solution.

The Deal Closers build and manages the business of tech companies and software vendors during the initial market penetration stages. By working with us, these vendors obtain an immediate presence in The Netherlands. We act as your local sales team.

We have established a highly qualified network of contacts at the key systems integrators, distributors, VAR’s and software manufacturers. This allows us to efficiently match new products and services with the most effective channel partners.

Your Business Objectives and Our Efforts

We are totally aware that 3 of the main goals of any business whether it is selling a tangible product or a services, are related to sales. Those 3 goals are: 1. Growth 2. Expansion 3. Profit Maximization

Let us take care of the hard work and you can work smart by appointing us for your venture. This is where we come in for your support. You don’t have to worry about your sales anymore.

Startups, Established Business Or Any Other Enterprise

It doesn’t matter if you have a tech start-up, an established business or you would like to scale your existing business further, we are here to aid you. Its easy. Just outsource the entire sales to us.

Don’t Delay And contact us now:

So let us take care of your sales. Let us drive your company to the way you want to see it. Let us assist you in the most proficient and professional manner.

Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing starts with a comprehensive analysis of your organization and commercial goals.

Outsourcing your sales to a specialist can boost your sales enormously. Do you want to focus on your business and increase your revenue at the same time? Then sales outsourcing is an excellent solution.

You can use us to complement an existing sales team or work on an individual basis.

What is a sales playbook?

The sales playbook is a tool for sales employees and describes their role, responsibilities, methods, tactics and tricks. A well-developed playbook enables them to involve and better understand clients every step of the buying journey. It also contains a detailed description of your ideal client profile and a list of the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) measured. A sales playbook also describes a common approach to removing concerns from prospects and closing sales deals. Content that supports the sales process in every phase. Examples include blog articles, e-books/white papers, checklists, customer success stories, brochures and demo platforms.

Integrating a sales playbook into your business and sales strategy ensures improved performance in reaching your sales target, improved relationships with your prospect/client and improved lead conversions.


Everyone knows exactly what to do at which moment and how to do it. Streamlined efforts from various departments; all eyes on the same prize and the formation of new sales is made faster and easier.

Salesforce (market leader in CRM) found that companies using a Sales Playbook are 50% more likely to be successful by optimizing the sales process and 33% more likely to perform on target. In short, your sales playbook supports your sales with all the content and strategies required to meet their sales targets.

Sales Consultancy

Together we take a critical look at your sales strategy and determine the appropriate commercial direction.

It is very insightful for an experienced outsider with market knowledge to take a critical look over your sales strategy, commercial direction, and goals. We don’t shy away from discerning questions and providing clear insights.

Which path will your organization follow in order to achieve the desired sales result?

Do you have a clear vision of your desired position in the market?

What are your unique selling points?

As a professional deal closer, I guarantee increased revenue for your organization. We do this by providing you with specific tools to:
  • Identify your unique selling points
  • Generate more qualitative leads
  • Qualify and conduct better sales pitches
  • Achieve a higher level of conversion
  • Shorten the sales process
  • Increase your deal size
  • Achieve a higher margin

Sales scan

Would you like to get insight into the effectiveness of your current sales? The Deal Closers have developed an effective Sales Scan to give you, a client, insight into the effectiveness of your commercial organization and the areas for improvement. Our Sales Scan assesses, tests and analyzes the way you shape your sales and all the factors that influence your sales performance. You will receive solid feedback in terms of strengths, opportunities, risks and points for development and improvement. The sales scan provides an excellent picture of how your sales organization works and the success, or lack thereof, that logically results from this. You will receive concrete advice from us to achieve more success.